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Win a spot at the Credit Suisse event at the 2019
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Compete for an unprecedented experience to join discussions at the Credit Suisse Event at the WEF taking place in Davos in 2019.

About the Credit Suisse Research Institute Academy

The Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) Academy has been launched to build a network of bright minded students and recent graduates to foster their knowledge, develop fresh perspectives and showcase their skills to the CSRI.

Do you like exploring answers to the most pressing global issues? This is your opportunity to engage with some of today's most prominent thought leaders on issues of the day and earn global recognition for it.

Submissons for stage 1 close in 00 days and 00 hours! (UTC-12 TIME ZONE)

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Max 400 words or 2 min video

Online Submissions

Close September 30

Present your thoughts on the Future of Digital Currencies by submitting either:

A one page extended abstract, max 400 words
A two minute video

Idea Development

October 29 - November 25

Earn the opportunity to receive 1:1 advice from renowned members of Project Firefly’s Academic Review Board before submitting either:

A 1,500 word essay
A 5 minute video

Davos, Switzerland

January 22 - 25 2019

Be part of a select Credit Suisse Event at the 2019 edition of the World Economic Forum. Join discussions on the global most pressing issues with the world’s top leaders.



Collaborate and research with the CSRI as well as Academy Challenge peers to co-author on future CSRI publications.


*Project Firefly and the Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) will look to identify any outstanding candidates that could be interesting for Credit Suisse to engage with.

CSRI Winner

Attend the exclusive Credit Suisse Event at the 2019 edition of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Collaborate and research with the CSRI as well as associated research departments and co-author an upcoming publication.

Recieve expert career guidance.

TOP 20

Work together with select members of the ARB.

Earn a certificate detailing your achievements. Opportunities to co-author papers with the CSRI.

Join the CSRI Academy Network and benefit from exclusive opportunities.

Diversity of opinions matter to us. The CSRI encourages degree students and recent graduates from any higher education institution and discipline to share their opinions


All Current Bachelor Students, Master Students or PhD Candidates

(Full or Part-time Students)

Studying any discipline

Participants should not have completed more than 3 years full time professional employment

All Current MBA Students

(Full or Part-time Students)

Studying any discipline

Participants should not have completed more than 5 years full time professional employment

All Recent Graduates

(Graduated in 2015 or later)

Studied any discipline

Bachelor and Master graduates and Doctors should not have completed more than 3 years full time professional employment. All MBA graduates should not have completed more than 5 years full time professional employment

Topic 2018
Should countries introduce their own digital currency, and if so, which ones and why?

When preparing your submission bear in mind that the logic and empirical support for your argument will be evaluated. To that end, we recommend that you, first, identify each major claim you make and, then, the convincing argument that supports each claim. The evaluators of your answer are not looking for a specific line of argument—the evaluators do not have a pre-defined idea of what constitutes “the correct answer.”

Notice also the question opens the door to arguments that some countries should introduce digital currencies while others do not. It might be worth thinking through what objective criteria should determine whether a country ought to introduce a digital currency.

Before submitting your answer, you should take a look at the submission prep notes found here

World Renowned Thought Leaders

The winner will earn the opportunity to participate in the Credit Suisse Event at the World Economic Forum in Davos. They will have unprecedented access to interact with world renowned Thought Leaders.

Urs Rohner

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Credit Suisse Group AG

Prof. Joseph Stiglitz

Columbia University

Dr. Francis Fukuyama

Stanford University

Sir John Major

Former British Prime Minister

Gen. Colin Powell, USA (Ret.)

Secretary of State (2001 - 2005)

Hear from Past Winners

Academy Winners

  • Sergey - 2017

    The CSRI Academy Challenge boosted my professional network and career outlook beyond business and finance.

    The importance and relevance of international relations and future of politics are at all-time high. Having successfully participated in the 2017 Challenge, I am much more competent in this field than before which perfectly complements my finance education and experience.

    The events coming out of the Challenge gave me an incredible opportunity to meet with and learn directly from the world-renowned experts in an exclusive setting. Getting to know those people and subsequently staying in touch with them was, until recently, unimaginable to me.

    Exposure to the Academy Peer Network led me to discover valuable, talented connections with whom I continue to collaborate on interesting, long-term projects.

  • Stefani - 2016

    The Challenge was a keystone of my career path. Through it, I met people who inspired me and helped me, and I also had the opportunity to become a more aware and confident person. Additionally, I believe that my experiences with Credit Suisse and at the WEF have helped me immensely when interviewing in professional and academic settings alike and have been instrumental in helping me get where I am now.

Academy Members

  • Nicolas

    The creation of ideas can be promoted by offering platforms and opportunities to express them and discuss them with others. This is the case with the CSRI Academy where I could express my views and receive valuable feedback, across generations.

  • Julian

    As a CSRI Academy Member, I had the valuable opportunity to lead a working group that co-authored a chapter in a forthcoming report to be published by Credit Suisse at the end of May 2018. Working on this project helped me to further develop my research, writing, and leadership skills. I am thankful for this unique opportunity to share my ideas about economics, politics, and ethics in a publication from a major international bank that will inform and stimulate discussion and debate. I am very grateful for the guidance and encouragement I received from the Credit Suisse Research Institute team and am thankful to the other Academy Challenge Members I have worked with and learned from.

Submission Prep

Project Firefly’s ARB has provided guidance for the CSRI Academy Challenge 2018. We would recommend that you review the guidance however, its use is optional and, as always, each submission will be evaluated on its merit.

How to Submit

To help you avoid any issues when making your submission, please find a set of instructions to guide you through the submission process. We would always recommend you to check out the process in advance to ensure you experience a smooth submission process.

You can submit a video for one or both stages of the Challenge, don't forget to submit your script and your references!

You can submit an essay for one or both stages of the Challenge, don't forget to submit your references!


General Rules

Before participating in the Credit Suisse Research Institute Academy Challenge, you should read the official rules in their entirety. By submitting you unconditionally agree to all of the terms and conditions of these official rules.

Terms & Conditions

Project Firefly is not only about meeting the world’s leading employers but also about interaction between Corporate Sponsors, professionals and the Contributors. For example, Project Firefly aims to provide the Contributors the opportunity to interact with professional advisers on topics such as preparing for entrance exams, career advice and networking.

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Stage 1 submissions close on September 30, 2018

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